Installation Art for Corporate Spaces


As this Installation looks attractive and intersting while live experience. While making same with this accuracy is quite a challenge. We took this challenge and try to justify it with our abilities. Some Logos are some many color and details which are also handpainted by fine artist. No one logo is any form of print. We feel proud to creating this Anamorphic Art.

RADO Art Display at India Art Fair 2020, NSUI Ground, Okhla, New Delhi. Is our biggest achievement so far. More than 50 Individual part of a 7ft Dia Watch are hanged within a defined area with so much accuracy so that no hanging wire are also visible with a short distance. If someone see it from side they find abstract shape which these parts are hanging but as soon as he move to centre and find that all the ususal abastrat gears combined magically into a piece of single watch which give mind blowing Impact. How someone created this?

India’s #1 Installation Art Expert

Anamorphic Art, Cloud Installation, Neil and Thread Art, Installations with PVC Pipe, Recycle material art, Bottle Caps Art, Metal Art,
​Button and Bubble pack paintings, Nut and Bolts, Old tyres, Papers, Origami, Caps etc.
Mixed Media Assemblages


Anamorphic Installation Art for RADO Watches at India Art Fair 2020

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